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Woman discusses with pharmacist Smith Rexall compound Pharmacy

Traditional Pharmacy Services

In addition to the effective and safe alternative treatments, we also have robust traditional pharmacy services. Whether you need a refill on a prescription or have questions about medications, we are the best compound pharmacy in Utah.

Our Approach

Unlike the common, generic, and mass produced medications, compounded medications are made for you at the pharmacy based on your doctor’s prescription. If you're looking for the best Pharmacy in Utah, look no further (but don't take OUR word for it).


Chris Cox Pharmacist Smith Rexall


Chris Cox enjoys serving our customers as an owner and pharmacist. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about health, and embodies leadership and innovation.
Our newest addition to the pharmacy team, Logan Spence is an excellent compounding pharmacist with a calm and easy-going nature. He runs the lab and oversees logistics.
Shay feels right at home in the pharmacy as a health enthusiast. Passionate about providing the body the building blocks it needs, he is our go-to and supplement expert.
As the lead pharmacist, Logan has been with Smith Rexall Drug since he was 14 years old. Known for his loyalty and good sense of humor, Logan knows how to get things done.