Gut Health

If your gut’s not happy, the rest of you isn’t happy either, right? Fixing it means improving your gut biome, which helps you digest and absorb your food better, ward off infection, and facilitate better communication between your gut and brain.

Gut Health

A lot goes into good gut health. Show your gut some love and learn about probiotic, prebiotic, promotility, and anti-fungal prescriptions and supplements.

Have you ever wondered why gut health is important? Everyone’s talking about it these days, but not in a let’s-save-ourselves-a-few-tummyaches way. That’s because gut health means more than just a happy tummy. It also means a happy intestine, or rather, happy bacteria in your intestine. A healthy gut microbiome (i.e., bacteria colony) helps you:

  • Digest fiber
  • Control your immune system
  • Control your brain health

Yes! The health of your gut affects your brain’s health! Get everything you need for a healthy gut at Smith’s Rexall!

Options for Gut Health

  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Promotility
  • Anti-fungal

Gut Health Tips and Tools

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Poor gut health has a way of interfering with almost every aspect of your life, doesn’t it? You plan things, but then your stomach says “Nope. not today.” Or maybe you ate at a fancy restaurant yesterday, but then you were up all night with heartburn. But say you eat right. You might even be…


Products for Maintaining Gut Health

Products for Improving Gut Health

Addressing Fungal Infections or Yeast Overgrowth

Addressing Allergies or Sensitivities

Boosting Gut Immunity